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The EquisMate Story

“Yerba Maté rituals are a great fit for our athletic lifestyle! It keeps me fit, gives me energy and lets me enjoy sports!”           
               – Sjors

“The pleasure of drinking healthy and natural tea together with others and passing the calabaza around immediately appealed to me, sharing this with others is my big goal!”     

                          – Sander

The EquisMate Story

Founded by the “Van Eck brothers”, nicknamed “the Eckies” after having lived in Argentina (Sander) and in the south of Brazil (Sjors).

Both developed a passion for the yerba maté, tereré or chimarrão cultures with which they became familiar. Sjors was amazed by the taste and health effects of the drink, while Sander loved the conviviality of sharing the yerba maté ritual.

Their goal was clear: To spread this wonderful ritual beyond South American borders! This way more people can benefit from the great health benefits and enjoy the ritual in their daily lives!

However, when they brought the first maté products from South America to Europe, they often heard from people that they found the calabazas too dirty and difficult to clean, while they tasted too bitter and the designs could be better.

So they designed the ultimate Yerba Maté Products that you can find today in the EquisMate Collection, which is fashionable, easy to clean and made of high quality materials!

“Every successful journey begins with healthy rituals, let Yerba Maté be yours!”

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