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Prepare your Yerba Mate

1. Gather the products

The complete Yerba Maté set provides you with all that is needed for your Yerba Maté

Required are:

  • EquisMate Calabaza
  • EquisMate Thermo
  • EquisMate Bombilla
  • Yerba Maté tea
  • Watercooker

2. Cook water up to 72 degrees Celsius

For those that like cold maté this step can be skipped, and even ice cubes can be used to enjoy cool drinks (like Tereré)

3. Fill up the cup with yerba

Fill about 25 grams of yerba in the cup. Do you like it stronger taste? Then add some more!

4. Shake the herbs in the cup up and down

Place your hand on the top and shake it!

5. Keep the cup to one side and poor in the water on the other

Make sure the yerba is on one side of the calabaza to free up space on the other side. Often the Yerba is wetted a little and stirred into a solid mass with the bombilla so it sticks to one side.

6. Stick the bombilla in the water and enjoy!

Place the bombilla in the water and enjoy the yerba maté by drinking from it. 

Run out of water? Refill with the thermos bottle whenever you want.

Want the taste stronger? Stir the yerba up and down a bit!

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